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Favorite Films l Days of Being Wild (1990)

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Born in Qingdao, London-based designer Huishan Zhang studied at Central St. Martins and spent a year at Dior Couture’s Paris Atelier. He aims to create a brand where Eastern heritage meets Western influence. For his first couture collection, he was inspired by Wong Kar Wai’s film, “In the Mood for Love” and the transformation of the cheongsam whose origins as a dragon-robe has been re-shaped by western culture. To create the ethereal and transparent feel, he uses see-through textures, lace, and Suzhou embroidery.

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Download PDF of the AW2011 collection

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The story of how I got through 2014

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"I reached out my hand. No one was beside me. I was alone, abandoned, at the edge of the world."

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